Sand spirals – or play and art

On a beach in Devon 20 or so years ago I was a bit bored. I randomly started stirring the dry sand with my finger.  Then to one side I noticed a little girl stirring the sand  in a similar sort of way with a bit of driftwood. Her squirly shapes reminded me of the triple spirals at Newgrange and other ancient Irish sites. With a bit of help from her and a lovely avoidance of stepping on it by other people young and older this is what we made.
It means a lot to me.  A child taught me that sand could be a brilliant art medium. It made me think about why spirals like these were cut into rock 6,000 years ago. And what I liked best of all was that when we went back two days later it had completely disappeared.
And the big questions about this for me are: Why do most children under about  five years old just ‘do’ art? Why do most children a bit older think they can’t draw or paint or make art?

Sand spiral