Most of my writing has been in collaboration with other people or part of other publications because that is the way I like to work. Or perhaps it is truer to say that a lot of what I have written has been part of my paid work with brilliant colleagues – all the better still!
Anyway, here are some of the publications I have been privileged to be part of creating and best represent my thinking about children’s play and playwork – up to now.

Five editions of Quality in Play since 1996
Adventure playgrounds – the essential elements update

Here are my play stories. Many of them are woven into Bob Hughes’ Evolutionary Playwork published by Routledge but I’m adding more as time goes on here. They are the true story of what children taught me.
Play Stories

Almost anything can be a play resource. Here’s how to have fun with anything from lollipop sticks via elastic bands to yoghurt drink pots. Tried and tested with the great folks at the RePlay Spirit of Play conference in January 2016 and then at the National Playwork Conferences in 2017 and 2018.

Pound-shop-play 2017_opt

And here are the nature play recipe cards we tried and tested in my final project at Play England


I’ve increasingly become interested in the stories children tell themselves and others as they play. Here is a version of a workshop I gave on this at the 2018 National Playwork Conference

Children’s narratives while they play

Another Eastbourne presentation where I try to pull together the main play and playwork theoretical ideas and strands and show that there is a coherence across them – with children’s drive to play at the centre.

Knitting playwork theory together

Latest Eastbourne presentation on children’s art

The playful human urge to create and explore